How Much Is Antispam Worth To Your Business?

Dealing with spam has become so common place thats its easy to forget just how much time and money is wasted picking out valid messages and deleting the junk.

Please try our costing calculator. You will find that if 1 user spends only 5 minutes a day  on a minimum rate of pay, you will be better off on our service.

Number of users Time spent on spam daily per user Avg. hourly wage Total Value Total cost Monthly savings*
 users  min.  £ / hour  £0.00  £0.00  £0.00
If you bill your time out to clients, try using your billing rate instead of the hourly rate to see lost profits.

* Savings indicates your monthly wage savings from using the AntiSpam service

Quite simply, there are no 'Smoke and Mirrors' in these calculations, althought you can probably now see yourself how your business is burning money, Why not try a FREE 30 day trial now.