Email Archiving

Businesses now take for granted the fast worldwide cost-effective communication that email provides. However, every IT Department involved in the management and storage of email is fully aware of the growing task that this explosion in email usage has brought.

Typically, your storage of historical emails is threatening your company's infrastructure or your company has to become compliant which means you must store and be able to retrieve all data for a certain historical period.

Benefits of Email Archiving

  • • Simplify your mail box management
  • • Shrink your server storage costs
  • • Reduce time taken to back up
  • • Protect critical business information and intellectual property
  • • Accelerate legal discovery

Email Archiving Explained

  • Features::
  • • This is a "Software as a Service" solution and can be deployed very quickly
  • • Minimum upfront costs - no software or hardware required
  • • A simple change to your current configuration will make the solution active
  • • All historical emails can be uploaded to the service
  • • All incoming, outgoing and internal mail can be archived on our hosted solution
  • Search & Restore::
  • • Outlook integration - access your archive from within Outlook
  • • High speed search and retrieval
  • • Search based on keywords in email and attachments
  • • Users can retrieve, search and forward their own emails from the archive
  • • Email can be restored with one click
  • Administration::
  • • Configurable user panel
  • • Role based access to limit users to certain features
  • Storage:
  • • Reduce server storage by up to 90%
  • • Integrates with our antispam service ensuring you don't have large quantities of unwanted spam messages

Getting Started

If you have any questions about our email archiving service, we'll be more than happy to help. Why not take advantage of our free 30-day trial so you can see the benefits of our services for yourself. You can contact our support representatives for more information at