Antispam & Antivirus Services

Cost of Spam

The costs of spam to business are continually increasing as spam levels grow. Employee productivity is negatively affected as users trawl through their inboxes sorting clean email from spam. Network security can be highly compromised by viruses, phishing emails and general junk sent by email. Network bandwidth is increasingly being taken up by huge amount of junk email. Spamming methods are becoming more and more sophisticated, increasing spam levels on an almost daily basis. The need for effective and efficient anti-spam techniques is as great as ever.

MagnaCom can help your organisation fight spam using our YourCleanMail Service. This works by adding a secure layer to your email delivery. Emails sent to your users are routed through to our servers where we filter the spam, virus and phishing emails. Your clean mail is then sent on to your network.

Why use YourCleanMail to filter your email?

  • Over 99 % spam detection rate
  • Less than 1:1,000,000 false positive rate
  • The only managed filtering service that doesn't require a quarantine area
  • Low per user cost
  • No hardware or software to setup
  • No capital outlay
  • No administration
  • Complete security & confidentiality - emails are not stored on our servers
  • Further information on how we block spam can be found on our How We Block Spam page